We all love a parade!

The Giants won the World Series for the second time in three years and we went to the parade and rally again yesterday! It was so fun and we let folks from […]

San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series Champions!

Well, the 2012 baseball season is over and the crew at Orange was super excited to see our San Francisco Giants win the World Series for the second time in three years.  It was also awesome that one of the main hashtags for the postseason was #OrangeOctober, which of course, we loved!

During the course of the season, we took some Impossible Project Polaroids of our team outing to a Giants game, and here and there too.  Here’s some we wanted to share.  Hope to see you all at the parade on Halloween!!! […]

Steam Whistle Brewery tour


On a recent trip to photograph up in Canada, we had a chance to stop by and check out Steam Whistle Brewing in Toronto since it’s located just behind the Convention Center and Intercontinental Hotel, where we stayed.  The brewery is where Steam Whistle is brewed and they only make that one beer, which is a Pilsner.  It seemed serendipitous that I’d be staying near a Pilsner-only brewery when we were going to be photographing for another one, Churchkey, based here in the States as well.

Steam Whistle is a cool brewery for a variety of reasons.  As a green business ourselves, we appreciate other businesses who have green practices and they do there.  They use thicker glass bottles with baked on labels, which I noticed immediately, and as such, they can reuse them more and don’t have to use the chemicals each time to apply the labels, etc.  For the caps, they use crown caps instead of twist offs because twist offs can sometimes strip the threads on bottles, and then they can’t be reused.

Overall they have 137 employees and the beer is only sold in Canada so far.  They produce 62,000 hectolitres of beer each year, and are proud of how fresh the beer is.  If you ever have a case of beer of theirs that’s old, you can bring it in and they’ll replace it with a new, fresh case!

Oh yeah, as a photographer who still loves film, you gotta stop by and check out their film photobooth too!  Make sure to do it after you do the tour and have had a few brews :) […]

Bay to Breakers photos wrap up!

bay to breakers photos bridesWe love Bay to Breakers and since our studio moved off the race path we hadn’t done a photo booth or photostation like we had in the past so this year we had access to a perfect street spot on Hayes Hill where we set up an impromptu photo booth and enjoyed our Sunday morning.  Here’s a few snaps that we loved!  To view the full gallery of Bay to Breakers photos since 2004 click here! […]

Art Basel is not the only thing going on in Miami’s art scene

On my most recent trip to Miami, I had the fortune to actually get out of South Beach (where I typically am for shoots) and head into Miami proper, this time checking out the Wynwood Arts District.  This area has undergone a renaissance of late, and anyone who’s been to Art Basel Miami has no doubt enjoyed the resurgence.

On this particular day (a Monday), not all of the gallery spaces were open, but there’s still a ton to check out in the area.  The Wynwood Walls are perhaps the most well known places to go, and with good reason.  There’s a café in the area, but really it’s the art itself which is the star.  One of my favorite pieces was by Japanese artist AIKO.  I immediately recognized the Glico man, which any Nihonjin would, and then went through the rest of the piece enjoying the elements that make it up.  In this whole area are a ton of interesting murals and installations (I am not sure if they rotate out very often).  I was first drawn in by the Aung San Suu Kyi image by Shepard Fairey since the Myanmar by-elections had just happened (and I think she’s such a badass!). […]

Noise Pop photography

Last week  was the Noise Pop Festival where there were a ton of great bands in town. Shooting shows and bands live is really fun since there’s usually a lot of emotion and passion, which makes it easier to capture interesting photos.  Since we were shooting for the festival we got to see a great mix of bands.  Here’s a few of our favorites from the week! (Above: Bare Wires @ Brick and Mortar)

The She’s Bassist Sami Perez

Guest Blog: Putting the Photo in Photo-Philanthropy – Sarah Cross


Helping others has always been something close to my heart and a large reason why I became a photojournalist.  That…and I love making images.  As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  It is a powerful communication platform that allows people to experience the story, struggles and celebrations of others around the world and sometimes in your own backyard.

Recently I discovered the word “photolanthropy” (say that three times fast) as the perfect description for what I love to do.  It is photography for social change.  Promoting the welfare of others through photographing personal projects to give a voice to those without.  I personally love to focus on the positive in situations to hopefully inspire more positive in the world.  (A key reason I love shooting weddings and working with Orange Photography….a big positive orange burst!)