Happy Birthday Gene!

Happy Birthday Gene!

Though he’s in Seattle shooting this weekend, we’re still sending on the birthday love. Happy Birthday Gene, hope you get some down time to celebrate, Seattle style!

Happy Birthday Kevin

Happy Birthday Kevin

This one is long overdue, but happy birthday K.Lewis. We <3 you!

Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Our studio manager extraordinaire, Natalie, turns a quarter of a century old today. This snapshot is from her very first day at Orange, which ended up being a 13+ hour workday for her. After training at the studio, we spontaneously pulled her in to assist a photo shoot that went late into the night. She […]

Show and Tell: Things I Saw in Asia

Show and Tell: Things I Saw in Asia

In December and January I was able to spend some time in Hong Kong with family and then travel solo for a bit in Yunnan province, which is in the southwest corner of China. It’s a diverse area, sharing borders with Tibet, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos. I got to see a lot of spectacular things, sweeping […]

Happy birthday, Jack

It was yesterday, actually. Jack is a trooper, fighting a cold and making his 7:30 am shoot in San Jose on his bday. Photo taken last year at our retreat in Napa.

Long Exposure Night Photos

Here are a few outtakes from the shoot for our eighth anniversary party invite. We used a digital SLR on a tripod, set exposure about 30 seconds on self-timer and used an array of light painting tools (lighter, flashlight, flashing bike light). Writing “eight” backwards with a flashlight proved to be quite a challenge. Crossing […]

celebrate eight

Can you believe? Orange Photography is turning eight!

Tube Times

Tube Times

Images that Gene shot for the Golden Wheel Awards can be found in the recent issue of Tube Times! This ceremony and fundraiser raised $55,000 for the SFBC’s work to make San Francisco’s streets safer for bikers. Pick up a copy and read all about it!

dribblenaut launch party!

Dribblenaut is a new space on the web for those who appreciate wine and want to discover how it pairs with other good stuff like film, food, and literature. The format is like an online magazine and will be launching with the first issue this week. I’m happy to provide a selection of photographs including […]

AIDS/Lifecycle Report 1

It’s been a little over 5 days since i completed my first AIDS/Lifecycle journey to LA! My body is still recovering from the most exhaustive experience I’ve very completed but mentally, I am already thinking about doing it again next year! As evident by my facebook updates, the mental ability to deal with something this […]

Good luck!

Jack just left on a 545 mile ride to Los Angeles on his first AIDS/LifeCycle. He’ll be peddling hard all week and documenting the experience with the Canon 5D Mark II. Can’t wait to see the journey through his lens. We wish him good luck and good riding!

Maintaining Creativity: Instant Photo Assignments

Maintaining Creativity: Instant Photo Assignments

Social media has a lot of uses and one thing we’ve created is the “Instant Photo Assignment.” The way it works is quite simple: You just post a tweet or to your Facebook status that you are accepting “Instant Photo Assignments” and then people can reply back to you with assignment options. Now, you can […]

Bay to Breakers 2009 Photo booth action!

Yep, it’s that time of year again and we’ll be back out on the street to help you celebrate Bay to Breakers! With orange the official color of the race, we expect to see you all out to enjoy the day.  We’ll be in front of our studio in our usual spot across the street […]

Another year

Happy birthday, Gene X!

Dynamo Donut

I walked into the studio this morning and was immediately hit with the smell of freshly brewed coffee (yes!) and some unidentifiable sugar product. I got excited. Julie was so sweet to bring in a box of donuts from Dynamo Donut in the Mission. We held a little tasting to sample the five varieties… these […]

Thank You! Thank You Very Much.

The proof for our a new postcard we’ll be sending out to clients. I Photoshopped the red cups out of their hands =). We wish you great things and wonderful photographic journeys in the New Year.

Vietnam by Andria Lo

Andria was in Vietnam for vacation and just posted her shots from her trip.  There are some amazing shots in the slideshow which you can view on her site.  Andria has really been getting great shots throughout the year for our Orange clientele and it’s always nice to see what she produces in her own […]

Our own rock star photographer: Andria Lo

Our own rock star photographer: Andria Lo

So we’re proud that our very own Andria Lo will be participating in an exhibition at SOMArts later this month! The exhibit is called filtered – beyond the first layer and the opening is on Friday August 29th from 6-9pm.  As the exhibit says: “Andria Lo is a professional photographer whose personal work presents a […]

welcome megaphone

We acquired a megaphone this week – a most useful device. It has already boosted productivity in the studio 25% and it came especially handy for this group shot in front of the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Here’s Jack in action positioning 200 people for this massive group photo! Andria and the megaphone are a nice […]


The other Olympics…

Eat, Drink, Be Merry!

So we had a rare evening off and took the studio out to dinner and drinks last night. We had a solid dinner at the Oak Room at the Westin St. Francis and then went for drinks at Bacchus Kirk following. Now it’s back to more client holiday party photography as we’ll be doing about […]

Control/Anton Corbijn

ah, beef