Behind the Scenes of Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Official Portrait

Behind the Scenes - Gavin Newsom Portrait
Gene and I recently had the honor of shooting Mayor Gavin Newsom’s official portrait in City Hall. Gene, of course, has shot dozens of portraits, but this one takes on special meaning as it will hang alongside all of the Mayor’s predecessors in City Hall. Mayor Newsom’s time in office comes to an end come January as he heads to Sacramento to become Lieutenant Governor.

That said, his team was anxious to get his portrait up before the end of the year. Gene had done some research on previous Mayor’s portraits and had a few different ideas to share with the Mayor and his team when we arrived.

Over the course of an hour or so, we shot a variety of settings as we wanted to make sure he had lots of different options to choose from (we were told he can be pretty selective about photos of himself). Clearly being in front of the camera was no new venture for the Mayor and I found him to be every bit as charming as he is said to be! I was able to snap a few photos behind the scenes in his office.  The last photo is his selection and will be displayed in the famous hallway in City Hall. All in all, we had a lot of fun and were happy to take part in a little bit of the city’s history!
Behind the Scenes - Gavin Newsom Portrait
Mayor Gavin Newsom's Official Portrait