One of the trends that we’re happy to see is the integration of design not just into graphics and marketing but as a general philosophy. We’ve shot things at IDEO and with the d:school at Stanford and this whole design world view seems to be gaining more and more momentum.  I recently watched Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight and found his insights to be inspiring.

A common refrain here in San Francisco with tech companies and others relates to failure.  As David Kelley of IDEO says: “At IDEO, we believe that enlightened trial and error beats the planning of flawless intellects.  In other words, we fail faster to succeed sooner.  The reason is simple: the best solutions to most problems are rarely the most obvious.”

Similarly Glaser says: “Fail more often in order to find out what you’re capable of learning.”

This week we also got to hear Terry Winograd speak at Stanford about what the d:school has been up to and are now scheduling a tour to see how they approach things.

But design thinking isn’t just about failure.  It’s more a perspective on the world and something we’re trying to embrace more not only with our photography studio and agency, but also at the level of how we interact with each other and our clients.  Check out the video below to see the 60 Minutes segment on Kelley which is pretty insightful: