Press Conferences and PR photography

Emirates Air Inaugural Flight Press Conference @ SFO

Shooting press conferences can be all over the board as far as what you might have to do.  Some […]

There’s First Class and then there’s Emirates!

As they said in the Chronicle’s article – it’s like ‘Pimp My Ride’ on a jet. I guess the showers are the signature item and the bathrooms are huge – I was taking a photo sitting on the toilet (it was closed of course) and probably had about six feet between me and the shower door.  No worries about your knees bumping against the doors here.


Being on the tarmac photographing the Airbus A380 as it landed it was surprisingly and noticeably quieter than some of the other large jets.  Emirates knows what they are doing – they are profitable and one of the media asked what the US airlines could learn from them which brought about a round of laughter.  Anyhow, the Chron article has a lot more details and much better writing so check it out!