Canon 300mm 2.8 review and what I learned about shooting soccer (futbol)

Sports photography was something I thought could be my dream job when I was a kid.  I was always interested in who took the shots that were on baseball cards and other sports cards.  Then I recall seeing Walter Iooss‘ images and really thinking that it would be sweet to be a sports photographer.

This past weekend I shot my first international soccer match: Mexico vs. Paraguay.  It was exciting since we were shooting for one of the sponsors, Allstate, but also because Mexico’s Javier Chicharito Hernandez, would be playing.  The star striker for Manchester United backed up his reputation with a header to score the opener right in front of me in the opening minutes. […]

Mexican soccer great Ramon Ramirez

ramon ramirezThis week was the Mexico vs. Sweden friendly over at MCafee Coliseum over in Oakland and we were hired for a public relations shoot which involved Ramon Ramirez. It’s always interesting […]