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Industry Perspective ( October 2006)

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Now that we've worked with so many event planners, socialites, etc. it's come to our attention about the crew of folks known as the party crashers. Like in the movie Wedding Crashers, these folks get on lists when they can, or else just show up and manuever their way into a party. Perhaps you may recognize some of these folks (woman in red and guy in tan)?

Here's another couple you might be familiar with?

You can often identify them as they bolt for the food and/or drinks right away, generally show up on time, and often cluster together... see below for examples...

party crashers at Scott Howard restaurant

party crashers

Posted by genex at October 18, 2006 8:07 PM


oops!! sounds like me...

Posted by: taura Horn at October 22, 2006 12:35 PM

These crashers are PROFESSIONAL party/events/Moscone conventions/conference crashers. They've their own link SFEL stands for San Francisco Entertainment Listing. They also
impersonate PRESS/MEDIA as to crash conference,
seminars at the Moscone Center. You should forward this info to Security/Registation at Moscone. The lady in red is Scottie McKinney, the guy in long sleeves is Ed Bauxbaum, guy with glasses is Raymond Joynt, who is the "head" of the sfel group. Actually, he's a carpenter in his day life and professional crasher at nite. Lady with white hair is Sheila Moore. There are lots more of them, especially those that have fake credentials and impersonate Press/Media to avail of the benefits of swags, parties, being held especially at Moscone center and at downtown hotels. Most prominent is Thomas Layson, aka Tom Cho, who has fake credentials as Press/Media working for a supposedly Asian Pacific Weekly (fake, fictitious, made up newspaper)
He works at the J.W. Marriott, Post St. as a Security Guard. More names can be provided.

Posted by: Lovie at February 9, 2007 7:02 PM

Very interesting.
Not that I have any reason not to believe you, but
how do you know so much about them...names, where they work etc.?
Suzy Q

Posted by: sabfranman at March 5, 2007 11:26 PM

Well I just happened to be browsing Orange shots and saw this. Good job for capturing this. I work with a premier catering company in the Bay Area and my fellow associates and myself have come to know and recognize many of these freeloaders too.

Yes, they do bolt for the free food and/or drinks. I've seen it! They show no scruples, style or elegance they contribute nothing to a party.

These pictures capture a few but there is a whole group we are aware of here in San Francisco that are notorious for crashing and must work hard by combing local newspapers and magazines and convention calendars and then there are those who unintentionally crash.

Just recently I chatted with a man who had walked in off the street with two of his friends who were visiting from out of town. He had wanted to show them the architecture in the building. They ended up getting free food and fancy drinks for a good part of the evening.

Some of them use the angle of volunteering for high-end fundraisers. There is one crasher an elderly gray haired man who I am informed has landed the position as volunteer coordinator for a certain charity fundraiser. I suspect it's to sneak other crashers in or to learn more of the workings of such parties and have easy reach to wristbands, badges etc.

I have observed this lout hovering high-end profile events. In gaining access I understand he uses several angles one is to pull out a fake San Jose Mercury News press pass and after eating and drinking enough on someones else dime is spotted leaving the party carrying a number of gift bags. He is known to management and security as Rogers and are aware it's a fake name he uses.

The object, it appears is find and get away with the scam undetected, over and over again.

What's a drink or two going to hurt the person paying for the bash? Well, for all you party crashers who show no qualm - a few extra can add for the host big bucks to the bill.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to excellence and we like to guarantee events to run smoothly and efficiently for our clients and their guests. In order to execute quality events we continue to improve adapt and innovate.

We are keeping a close eye out for the people who don't belong and informing security and having these fakers ejected whenever we can.

I believe other establishments are exercising the same measures.

Posted by: Sound Bites at March 9, 2007 4:56 PM

Ooops..... I certainly recognize these faces I didn't know them by name but I figured they might be party crashers! Sometime ago my friend had a party (special invite only). My friend who hosted the party didn't know them and was too polite to create a fuss so they got to stay! They seemed to hang out together and not socialize with the other invited guest. Sometime later the bartender said the guy with glasses continued to order two and three drinks at a time for himself during the party and that he spoke with an accent.

Since then I've seen them around town from club/restaurant/store openings to you name it? they show up, must do their homework I far as party researching AND I see they even have a party crashing event list.

Will have a look out for this crew at the next party and perhaps introduce myself.

Posted by: reese at March 15, 2007 10:06 AM

I have seen them around also.
I think I know who this "Rogers" guy is.
I heard that he works for an event planner.
they pay him AND he gets wrist bands, gift bags, drinks etc. "to go"

I am going to keep an eye out for this group too.

Not only do they crash events, but they could at least be civilized when they get their "free food and drinks"

I wonder how they found out about your friends private event?

Posted by: sanfranwoman at March 16, 2007 2:48 PM

I know the guy in the glasses owns a store in the design center, my husband and I bought a custom made bed from him (he's 6'5"). We also attended a party at the store and he asked us if we wanted anything from the bar and brought us drinks, I thought how nice of him. It's sad to see how young people perceive the older crowd as being udesireable. Hello, kids of Orange! Have you ever heard of old San Francisco money? Some of these families have been in San Francisco for generations and give a lot of money back to San Francisco! I know of the guy in your first photo (you have the name wrong) he owns an apartment building in the Marina (his real estate holdings took a beating in the'89 quake) and the woman in red rents from him (that's how they know each other). She runs a cooking school. I run into a lot of people because my husband and I are retired and I shop a a lot (10,000 a month if you all must know) and get invited to store events and my husband sits on the boards of a few charities (former attorney). Sometimes we just don't want people to know about our personal life and don't go blabbing about how we live our life. It seems like the people posting here really needed to know that since they are so interested in making things up. Just thought I'd let you know how I get invited to events! The funny thing is that the person you post as FOO "Friends of Orange" I witnessed her being taken out of an event on Jackson Street after destroying personal property and being taken out in an ambulance for public drunkeness, I kid you not. Very sad situation and I hope she gets alcohol treatment. "Rogers" is HER ex-boyfriend and they get all crazy drunk around each other. FYI - SFEL (quarterly happy hour at E&O for San Francisco Environmental Law). The guy in the glasses is involved because he has facilities that use chemicals that are regulated through the EPA and he wants to schmooz with them. I think I've said enough. This is so embarrassing and I think Orange should not defame people they know nothing about. What's in your personal life?

Posted by: liza at April 13, 2007 11:44 AM

I'm having the last laugh. I am so glad ORANGE pointed out these awful ugly ignorant dishonest people and yes there are more, like a colony of baboons. If you don't know some of their inside secrets, there are enough people out there who have experienced the sick minds that evolve within this group They will lie, steal, cheat, eat, use, abuse, sneak, forge their way into the situation, one by one. Anyone in sight of their path BEWARE! You will notice the rest of them are usually sitting with them or in the next restaurant cell phoning the second batch to arrive.

Posted by: risingstar at July 10, 2007 10:42 PM

I was informed about this juicy bits column on Orange. I salute Orange for observing, recognizing and exposing these cheap-ass gamers. It seems that a few pictures and one comment set off an avalanche?

Is this bashing of the party crashers blog? It appears this gang yearn to be part of the it crowd and make concerted efforts to get on all the A-lists throughout San Francisco?

On the social scene I've crossed paths with a few of these seedy and somewhat shady character. There's a David Rogers who continues to slither in alone to many events uninvited and from reading some comments above he is acquiring a reputation. He volunteers when necessary and we have solid proof this thug volunteers just to stock up on whatever is going, food, wine to gift items. I have evidence he removed for his own personal use without permission from my fundraiser at least three cases of wine and several unopened bottles of expensive liquor. We have since learned he uses several aliases but his correct name is David Rutty presumed to be residing in Brisbane. He is both a fraud and a swindler. A number of party planners, security and organizers are now aware of this guy but we hope that more word will get around and have everyone concerned on the alert of this sanctimonious self-righteous thief who is long due comeuppance.

Posted by: expose at October 13, 2007 6:47 PM

FYI, these folks are still at it. I just rejected a couple of them as they tried to register for a corporate event. I wouldn't have known without this page. Thanks!

Posted by: JoanneK Author Profile Page at April 26, 2008 1:48 PM

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